Jeanne Sawyer, CMP

I do the driving; you do the relaxing.


"I do the driving; you do the relaxing."


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Jeanne Sawyer, Massage Practitioner, provides therapeutic Swedish Massage in the comfort of her clients' home or office. The majority of her clients are in Santa Clarita, California and surrounding areas.  If you are in the LA area, please inquire to see if she travels to your area (additional travel fee may apply). 

Jeanne knows that each individual client is just that – an individual!  As such, each client welcomes her into their home with a different set of needs and expectations from massage. Your massage will be tailored for you!

Whether you seek massage for relief from physical conditions such as headaches, pain, or muscle aches, the emotional calm of a break from stress and worries, or the nurturing human contact to be found in kind and respectful touch, Jeanne's massage will address those needs.


Jeanne knows and remembers that every person is a miracle and just as we were held with great awe and reverence as newborns, we all still need and deserve to be touched with great respect and honor. Touch with honor and reverence is the foundation of Jeanne's work.


Jeanne can be reached at 661-803-7220 or at



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